Be your
packages keeper



Your DIY Home Automatic Recipient Machine

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Secure and receive your packages on the porch, anytime,

no matter where you are.

Perfect for keeping deliveries safe on porch. 

Open/Stop/Close from anywhere with app controls.

Sensor feedback on delivery gives you peace of mind.

Suitable for 4-type port usage, KEEPER™ can attach to an existing outdoor storage bench, a parcel box, or even a cabinet.

On a Cabinet with the Hinged Door


On a Cabinet with the Sliding Door


On a Cabinet with the Single Hung Door


Integrates With Your Connected Home

Use existing security cameras and selected IoT smart devices like Amazon Echo to receive your package.

Free Up Your Schedule

Don't worry about your packages being dropped anywhere on the porch during your working hours or holiday life. Never clean up an accident again!

Securely Locked Inside

Designed to be as discreet and secure as possible, and hide your packages in the place without locks and keyholes.

Why you need the Apera KEEPER?

Always-watching-mobile-phone syndrome

Do you recognize me?

Never try to prove what nobody doubts

You need a parcel box without a lock and keyhole!

For those who have had these little inconveniences

Have you ever found a wet and damaged package after you got home from work?

Do you always send the package to the company to avoid theft, and worry that the boss and colleagues know what you bought?

The products ordered in Amazon are sent to Amazon Locker. This is really far! Have you ever thought that you can get the package without driving far away?

Or... the problem of the package theft makes you feel insecure

Have you ever had the experience of package theft?

Have you ever heard someone who told you that the package was stolen?

Have you ever seen anyone who has been stolen on the Internet?

I like KEEPER more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. It did solve my problem, especially the crazy online shopper like me. Today, as usual, the driver puts the goods in a wooden box without a keyhole or padlock. For me, using KEEPER has become one of the things in everyday life.

Tammi T.

I was amazed at the quality of KEEPER. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Now, I can hide the package in the automatic recipient machine. It's hard to be opened by someone, no one knows if there is anything in it.

Colline K.

KEEPER did exactly what you said it does. From installation to receiving the package, more than I thought. Apera even considered what the courier would do. I could probably go into sales for you. It's incredible. Very easy to use.

Teodoro J.

The nearly 70-page full pictorial instruction booklet provided enough information. After installation, it is very convenient to receive packages and store things. Now I can leave the
package outside and continue to take a nap! Love it! I will refer everyone I know.

Laura L.